Recensione Timelapse

recensione | 01/05/2014 | Kev Rowland | ProgArchives

This Italian band started as a covers group back in 2003, but only guitarist Dario Calandra and singer Walter Bosello are still there from those early days, with the line-up changing a few times over the years. They released their debut (and so far only) album themselves in 2012, and again here is a band that only came to my attention when they were suggested to the Crossover team at PA for evaluation. When one looks at their site, and how they promote themselves, it is obvious that it is being undertaken at a very professional level so the question remaims as to how on earth they can get the publicity that they deserve as yet again here is a very fine album indeed from a band that most people will have never heard of.

This is progressive rock that is also bringing in elements of AOR and melodic rock with neo and other genres, resulting in a crossover which is truly that, with pop tendencies and feelings but also plenty of hard rock and balls. This is one of those bands who haven’t forgotten that the second word of the definition ‘prog rock’ is “Rock”! I enjoyed this immensely from the first note to the last, with great vocals and harmonies and hooks that are so big that one could hang a coat and hat on them and know that they would stay there.

It is a fun album, nothing self-indulgent or navel gazing here. If that is what you are looking for then move along, but if you want progressive rock that makes the listener smile from start to finish then this is it.